How odd.  Has your vet spoken to Imulan about this problem?

There isn't anything I know for sure that helps a lot other than a good diet and low stress. There are many things that people use with varying success. I just started using Acemannan and had success turning to FeLV positive anemic kittens into what appears to be pretty healthy positive cats. You already know about Interferon. Best Friends uses Immuno Regulin (now available as EqStim) .5 ml sub-q once a month on their positives. I have used Moducare and there is Transfer Factor and several others. There is oral vitamin C using Mega C.

Does anything work all the time on every cat? I doubt it and we may be throwing our money away most of the time, who knows? Dr. Belfield claims he cured every positive cat that came through his practice of 30 years with his Mega C. My cats don't seem to like it so I haven't figured out how to dose them with enough to experiment with that.


LauraM wrote:
As some of you may have read in my post from last week, my vet and I had planned to 
start Bridget on LTCI. Unfortunately, when my vet tried to order it, there was a 
problem. For some reason, the GA state vet isn't allowing the drug into the state at 
this time, for anybody - some legal issue. So.....what are my options? I was excited 
& hopeful about the possibilities of this drug & now Bridget can't have it.
What other therapies can you folks recommend? I've used interferon with two 
cats with no success. Bridget is currently asymptomatic, but I would like to 
try something, anything, to buy her as much time as possible. I'd appreciate 
any suggestions. Thanks.

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