Sorry to tag on to this most recent message, but don't have time at the
moment to get to a direct reply to Laura.

Was just on the LTCI Now portion of Immulan's website, and they list
doctors/vet clinics that are using the therapy.  One of them is the Greater
Atlanta Veterinary Medical Group (in Georgia, yes?), and Dr. Jory W. Olsen
is listed as the specific vet using the therapy.  It certainly might be
worth a call to this facility to start a conversation between Dr. Olsen and
your local vet in GA.

Of course, once can't believe everything read on the web, but it's a good
indication that someone in Georgia is able to get the drug.  I also read
that LTCI is becoming so popular that it is now on back-order.  If we're
thinking we will be needing doses fairly soon, it would be good to get the
orders in well ahead of time.  


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I am sorry to hear about your situation.  To be honest, I would
probably contact a vet out of state, pick up the injections and do it
myself.  They are simply subcutaneous injections that can be easily
given.  If you are near a state border, I would drive and personally
pick it up myself.  Imulan can give you the name of vets in a
particular area that have or have used to drug.  If you are having
difficulty with this, let me know where you are and I can contact
them. Then contact the vet and ask if you could simply pick up the
medication.  I did this.  It took a little talking and open
communication between vets, but in the end wasn't all that difficult.
You can get a three or ten pack, bring it home (kept in the fridge, in
the dark) and do the injections as needed.  (weekly and first, then
biweekly then monthly) You don't have to go to the vet every time.
Then simply bring him to your vet to check a CBC (completely blood
count) and intermittently a BMP (basic metabolic panel) and follow his

Other options include acemannan (an injection into the abdominal
cavity - more difficult injection) or ambotrose (similar to acemannan
but oral - can be ordered from Mannatech corp) or interferon (you
haven't had much luck I guess), or you could try Vitamin C (as has
been the hot topic recently).  Personally, I have an FIV cat that I am
planning on trying this on.  I want to see if it is possible to
reverse his FIV status to negative with it.  I will let you know.

Good luck and may God bless you.


On 12/10/09, LauraM <> wrote:
> As some of you may have read in my post from last week, my vet and I had
> planned to start Bridget on LTCI. Unfortunately, when my vet tried to
> it, there was a problem. For some reason, the GA state vet isn't allowing
> the drug into the state at this time, for anybody - some legal issue.
> So.....what are my options? I was excited & hopeful about the
> of this drug & now Bridget can't have it.
> What other therapies can you folks recommend? I've used interferon with
> cats with no success. Bridget is currently asymptomatic, but I would like
> try something, anything, to buy her as much time as possible. I'd
> any suggestions. Thanks.
> Laura
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