Thank you, Sharyl - it's not what I wanted to hear, but it's what I needed to hear if that makes any sense. I left the appointment yesterday with more questions than I had going into it. I love Tommy's holistic vet, but dentistry isn't her specialty, and I feel that I owe it to him to take him to a dental specialist. I have located a clinic relatively close to me that has a veterinary dentist on staff.

Thank you so much for your reply.


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Lisa, I know you don't want to hear this but dental prob;ems can lead to a whole bunch of other issues if not addressed. Tommy needs to be examined by a vet familiar with dental issues.

He may have periodontal disease (inflamed gums) which can lead to heart and kidney issues. Treatment could be as simple as an antibiotic. FORLs is another issue which is very painful. Dental issues can be very painful and affect his willingness to eat. The longer you wait the worse the problem will get.

I know dental surgery can be scary but with the proper precautions should not be that dangerous. Here is a link to info from a CRF website on precautions to be used during the surgery.

I would make sure your vet followed these precautions.
Hugs to Tommy

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This past week, my one year old FeLV+
kitty (Tommy) started pawing at the left side of his face. I
suspected an ear infection, so I took him to his holistic
vet. His ears were clean and had no inflammation. The ONLY
thing she saw was some inflammation around one of his back
teeth where some enamel was rubbing off. She told me this
was common, and the only way to fix it is to have the tooth
removed. My first reaction was, I don't want to put him
under anesthesia. But he seems so withdrawn and depressed,
like he's in pain. I just don't know what to do. I did
notice redness along his gum line on both sides of his mouth
as we were looking at his teeth yesterday.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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