YES. We did a muscle biopsy and found myonecrosis - there are several causes
- toxins, histoplasmosis and vitamin deficiency. We could not think of a
toxin exposure. Coco was tested for histoplasmosis.  Since the results were
negative, the vets told me this was likely a Vitamin D, Selenium deficiency.
I had been feeding Coco dry Wellness. I had always poured it into a
Tupperware. The vet told me oxygen or water can deplete food of Vit D and
Selenium. I started feeding canned Wellness and she recovered. Another cat
taken in at the same time with the same issue did not recover as hers had
progressed too far. Coco could not walk right or jump up any more (rear leg
weakness) and she was having trouble eating because her tongue didn't work
right. This was 6 years ago! She still has some rear leg weakness and is
afraid to jump up on things she used to but she can walk and eat.
Blessings to you and Stanley,

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Hello everyone,

I've been watching this for over a year, but this is the first time I'm
contacting you-all.

I rescued Stanley (and two of his dumped buddies) about a year and a half
ago and, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with FeLV. All the cats were
estimated to be about a year old at that time. Late last summer Stanley went
through six weeks of LTCI treatment. He has also always been in excellent,
robust health since I found him and fattened him up.
This past weekend we noticed that he wasn't his usual self and he couldn't
jump up on anyone's lap without a lot of trouble so he went to the vet's
this morning. The vet said he has muscular atrophy in his hind legs. We did
an X-ray which showed no signs of tumors and his white blood cell count was
normal. I also noticed his eyes don't look right.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen these symptoms and how they dealt
with them? I want to make him as comfortable as I can because he probably
won't be regenerating any muscles. We're also thinking of continuing with
more LTCI injections.

Thanks for any help anyone has.


Diane Tyler
Spenser's Legacy Animal Rescue
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