I am so sorry to hear that about Bernie. I know this is hard for you, but remember you provided him with so much love and comfort his whole short life. I have just joined this support group, as I have been diligently searching for a home for KC, an abandoned 8 month old FELV cat. She was found abandoned at my work site. My co-worker and I managed to get her trust and got her in the kennel. Off to the vet we believed for just spaying, and then to a lined up foster home. KC was fixed, then tested for FELV. She is positive and they did more test and it is in the bone marrow. She is such a sweet kitty, she was also pregnant when we had her fixed and has weathered some cold, freezing, rainy, conditions, with just the woods for cover. Sadly my co-worker and myself cannot take her as we have numerous cats, and she is a foster for Siamese Rescue, with 9 cats there. So by looking and searching I came across more places, and flyers throughout the internet were sent in pleas for a home for her. What I've found out is that there are so many FELV cats, more so than I ever imagined. Hence its hard to find a home for her. However, we keep on trying, while KC waits in the kennel at the vets. So I just want you to thank you. You've done a wonderful, act of love, by taking care of Bernie. Which I know he returned you with all the love he had back to you. My prayers are with you and Bernie.

Take care
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I took Bernie to the vet this morning and did an x-ray. He has a large mass
near his stomach/intestine.  We have decided not to do chemo and have put
him on some steroids and pain medication.  He is still eating and purring
which is good, but it will only get worse.

We will probably put him to sleep Friday or Saturday.  Sooner if it gets
worse, but I want everyone to be able to be there if they can.

For the record:
Bernie - Diagnosed FelV+ at 7 months, diagnosed with uveitis at 1 year 7
months, diagnosed with lymphoma about 1 year 8 months.

He is the most amazing cat I have ever had.  The best personality and made
me smile every day.  I don't regret one vet bill or day I had with him.
I want to thank everyone on this list for their support and knowledge.  I
really appreciate it and I think all of you are amazing. I will keep you and
all your babies in my prayers.

Thank you again,

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