if there is a bat found in the house, they will tell you that you AND the
cats could easily have been bitten without your even noticing it, by the
very sharp little bat teeth. if the bat comes back rapid and your animals
are NOT current, they WILL be confiscated, and they WILL be killed. they
will come back as negative, more than likely, but they'll be dead then, so
it hardly matters.

i learned this when a bat that i KNEW the cats hadn't even seen (he flew up
from the basement, and we covered him before they noticed) was taken--i
talked to the state health department, and to the dept of ag, trying to find
out why i couldn't just quarantine them, since the symptoms don't take that
long to show up. i was told by everyone that, while they don't kill people
who might have been bitten, they WILL take the animals.

so, yes, i had a whole plan set up to sneak me and the cats out of the
state, in the requisite middle of the night, if that bat was positive......

so it's a choice, but you might want to check with your state over what that
choice could entail.


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