Hello all;
Casper is my symptomatic cat that became positive because I mixed my positives 
and negatives.  I wondered if somehow I had missed his vaccinataion last year.  
I asked the vet to double check and as I thought he was not even due for his 
next vaccination until April.  Anyway, he is now anemic and we are trying to 
deal with that.  He has been getting Prednosolone and Doxycycline for about a 
week and a half without improvement.  His count was 19 when he was tested two 
weeks ago.  I took him today for a PCV and don't have the results yet. He also 
got an iron shot.  I asked about Epogen.  My vet calls it Arithro proeatin (I 
know I botched the spelling of that.) He is also looking into Interferon.  Has 
anyone had experience with these with an anemic positive cat? 
Now that my decision to mix has make Casper become positive I want to do 
whatever I can for him.
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