I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but what exactly is she basing her information that FeLV+'s have such a bad experience with using epogen, because I have not heard of any studies that have been done on this to bear that out and if there is one I would like the reference so I can look into it and give it to my vet.

Amy never be afraid to say anything on this list, all I am saying is that in my experience your vets information is incorrect about the use of epogen. Both from other people experiences that I know of that have FeLV+'s and from my vets experiences.

And there isn't a lot of information out there because most vets won't even try it and I am not lying when I say most vets are terrified of epogen in general and have no idea how to use it because in vet school they are taught that 30% or better of cats using it will have an adverse reaction to it. That is old information and most vets who actually use it on a regular basis, mostly on CRF cats say that number is closer to 10% or less and only after 5 months or longer of use.

And everyone here knows I have no love for Cornell, their information about FeLV had always been outdated and in my opinion inaccurate. And years ago when most vets knew little to nothing about FeLV, their outdated information caused many positive, healthy cats their lives since they were then the only veterinary site with the most info out there about FeLV+, no matter it was inaccurate.

I see they have updated their info, still not perfect in my eyes but much better than it was years ago when people were freaking out about it:

This statement however is contradictory:

*Secondary viremia*, a later stage characterized by persistent infection of the bone marrow and other tissue. If FeLV infection progresses to this stage it has passed a point of no return: the overwhelming majority of cats with secondary viremia will be infected for the remainder of their lives.

It says it is to the point of no return but *ONLY the majority of cats* will remain infected for the remainder of their lives, doesn't add up, if it is to the point of no return then *ALL of those cats* would be infected the remainder of their lives. Guess they got to cover their butts in case a cat does fight off secondary viremia. I have heard of one cat that did but have no proof so can't say it has or hasn't happened.

*This is on their website:*
There is no scientific evidence that alternative, immunomodulator, or antiviral medications have any positive benefits on the health or longevity of healthy infected cats.

*Why is that?*

In my opinion because they won't spend the money to do those tests, but if you talk with many people using one or another of these treatments most are having good results, so since there isn't scientific evidence because no studies have been done, well I personally will go with people with positives that have experience using these types of treatments, but if you tell anyone at Cornell that, I'm pretty sure they will poo poo it and tell you it is a waste of your time and money.

*And this is my way of thinking and only my opinion.* If my furkid has something that IS going to kill them if I do nothing, *or if what I am trying isn't working*, but there is something I can try that may work ... I am going to try it. If the options are for sure death and possible life, I'm going for the possible life, the out come is going to be the same if it doesn't work, but if there is a 1% chance it may work, I'm going for that 1% chance. And thank god my vet knows me well enough to know that. Now if she strongly feels that what I want to do is going to hurt my furkid she will argue with me but if she can't convince me, she knows I will go somewhere else to find a vet that will work with me. If she can convince me then I won't do it.

My vet isn't perfect and she has made mistakes and there have been times when I didn't go with my gut and to be honest one of those times was when I felt Bailey had pancreatitis because of how he was acting when I fed him. I asked my vet if it were possible and she said no she didn't think so because his gloucose and amylese didn't bear that out, well it doesn't always affect those values and in Baileys case my NOT insisting on a specific pancreatitis test probably cost him his life, because he died from pancreatic cancer, so he probably did have pancreatitis and left untreated it turned into cancer, and if that isn't the case that not treating it would have kept it from turning into cancer, if the cancer was already there at the very least doing the pancreatitis test would almost certainly have found the cancer and we could have treated it.

So I am sorry if I am coming off so strongly but if I can save one life because of the mistakes I made with Bailey it is worth it to me.

No vet is right 100% of the time and anyone who thinks they are is asking for trouble, my vet was wrong about the pancreatitis and it isn't the first time she has been wrong, does it upset me, yes, but it also upsets me that I didn't insist we do the pancreatitis test because in my gut I knew it was a very good possibility.

My vet does the best she can and I know she is only human and is not going to be right 100% of the time but when she does the best to her ability and I know she has researched everything she can about something and something like that still happens I can't blame her, she doesn't know everything but she gives 110% and I really can't ask more than that. Bailey had had ultra sounds and xrays, blood work everything except exploratory surgery to find the suspected cancer we thought he had, and his pancreas looked normal in shape and size in all of those tests, the one test that probably would have found the cancer is the one test I didn't insist on ...

Fred my negative was also on epogen in the final stages of his kidney disease and his HCT was low normal (went from 18% to 30%), when he passed, he had only been on the epogen for about 1 1/2 months because other CRF final stage related problems started and took him, so I have had 2 cats on epogen, one positive one not and they both benefited from epogen.


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