that is absolutely marvelous!  Bandit played a big role in my selection of 
Lilly as a new companion for Smoky - she channels him on a regular basis :)
i'm very very happy for both of you!
 Barb+Smoky the House Puma+El Bandito Malito

"My cat the clown:  paying no mind to whom he should impress.  Merely living 
his life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile." 
- Anonymous

From: LauraM <>
Sent: Sat, March 20, 2010 6:25:23 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Bridget has sent me another cat

First, thank you everyone for all your kindness and support over Bridget's 
passing. I appreciate it so much. But she's sent me another FeLV+ friend to 
help! On the evening of 3/17, the day she died, I checked the adoptable 
positives section of the website. Lo and behold, someone in GA had posted an 
available kitty just the day before. I never, ever check those postings, ever, 
but I figured the best way to honor Bridget, Baby Girl, Frosty Paws and the 
rest would be to take in another needy baby. These kind people had found this 
little girl in their neighborhood, but couldn't keep her due to the wife's 
allergies. They'd been boarding her at their vet's office for 5 weeks but 
hadn't been able to find her a home. Anyway, they brought me the cat yesterday, 
and she's just wonderful...still a little nervous around my big boys, but 
she'll be fine. Maybe this was meant to be.
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