PS. Doxy tastes bad so you have to make sure they don't get a taste of it or they will be impossible to pill.

It took me a while to get the hang of pilling my furkids, Fred was really bad and hard to pill, but one day I just stopped thought about how I have seen the vet do (always so easy without any problems), and pictured in my head how they hold the kitties head with the palm of their hand pretty much covering the kitties top of the head and eyes and with their thumb and forefinger one at each corner of the kitties mouth and with the other hand with the pill between the thumb and forefinger use the middle finger to flip the chin down, put the pill way back in the mouth and close the mouth and gently blow on their face, they will swallow. Of course all of this is done very quickly.

Once I got that down in my head I have never had any problems pilling any cat, mine or anyone else's.


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