My Kong has nonregen anemia and the FeLV has spread to his bone marrow. He
is 3, and was diagnosed about 6 months ago. When I first took him to the
vet, his rbc count was 7%. He had two blood transfusions, which helped
immensely. Depending upon what your finances are like, maybe you could check
into a transfusion?

After that, he was put on pred and interferon (to boost his immune system).
Today his rbc counts are in the normal range for a healthy cat.

Don't give up. I hate when vets act like this particular variety of FeLV is
an automatic death sentence. You've gotten some great ideas from the other
posters who have dealt with this as well. I hope you can find a vet who is
willing to try different things to save your babies.

Good luck,
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