OK, what is your name and what is your cat;s name.  It helps me keep people 

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This is was it says about Baytril and blindness.
"Retinal damage has been seen in cats when higher doses (such as might be used 
to treat a Pseudomonas ear infection) are used. This reaction is not common 
even with very high doses, but there is no way to predict which cats will 
react. Blindness, temporary or permanent, can result. This reaction has only 
been reported with enrofloxacin and not with other fluoroquinolones, as it is 
theorized that the biochemical structure of enrofloxacin leads to especially 
high concentrations in the feline eye (in other words, this reaction is 
theoretically possible with any fluoroquinolones but enrofloxacin is especially 
predisposed to causing this reaction)."

Yes blindness has occurred but in very high doses.  That is not what you are 
dealing with.

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> hi, me again...
> i know you can't believe everything you read on the
> internet but i have read from several sources regarding b
> aytril can cause blindness. one person mention  it will
> after 10 days. my vet has my cat on it. he gave me 4 ml and
> the dose is .3ml so that is nearly 2 weeks. i called the
> office and they said just give it to him until its gone.
>  i called my regular vet who's office apparently has been
> told not they can not give an opinion that would be opposing
> another vet. any idea here? today (friday) is the 9th day he
> has been on the medicine - at least here. he may have been
> on it the 3 days he was at the vet, i don't know. 
> the office person is suppose to get back to me to me as to
> whether our vet does the LTCI. the vet who treated the cat
> does not. anyone know of a good vet that does in the long
> beach california area? i don't drive freeways, i hardly
> drive at all so it basically has to be in long beach or
> within a few miles of long beach.
> and i guess the baytril is for the uti and not the felv.
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