Kill shelters kill more cats than ANYTHING else in the US.  More than any
disease, more than old age, more than being hit by cars or accidents or
anything you can think of.

I have not lost any cats to complications of FELV, but I have lost them to
heart attack, chronic renal failure, and cancer.  I know what you mean about
the list being depressing and I still cry every time I read it but to put
into perspective kill shelters kill MILLIONS of animals a year.   The pound
in my area kills 30-40 animals PER DAY.

I have a cat with congenital heart disease and I can barely stand to read
the heart disease list, so I know how you feel.  But she has taught me to
live in the moment and treasure each day, and she will be 5 in September,
which is an absolute miracle for the type of congenital heart disease she
has (she has a complete endiocardial cushion defect - very rare and very

They never last long enough, even if we have them for 20 years and it is
always sad when a furbaby dies.  But we are the lucky ones for having them
in our lives.

Kelley (who is woefully far behind in her interpersoal correspondence)

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 2:04 PM, Twisted Princess <> wrote:

>  ok, so i'm not sure now as to sport being positive or negative for felv..
> the vet wants to retest him when he returns in 3 weeks this time i think
> with the elisa.
>  i thought she said sport wasn't positive for felv but maybe she said the
> test she ran (ifa) didn't show sport as being positive for felv. i called
> yesterday and asked to have her call me. when she did, i had already left
> for work. she did leave a message on my phone saying that the other vet
> finally did fax her with the details (she asked him to last monday and had
> to ask again yesterday before he sent them.) so i called today and asked
> which test the other place had run. the test the other place ran WAS the
> elisa. mind you, when he told me that sport was felv+,  i said that was
> hardly even possible and i wanted him retested. that vet didn't seem to want
> to retest and said the test was very accurate and almost NEVER NEVER wrong.
> well, i can accurately say that i will probably NEVER NEVER go back to that
> vet again. and i won't even mention the lousy reviews i have found on the
> internet today regarding them. anyway, i am fairly certain sport is going to
>  be ok but i'm going ahead with this vet's recommendation of
> retesting.again and possibly again a few more times. not quite as confident
> as i was yesterday but still can see a ray of hope and not completely
> resigned to accepting the worse as i had been doing for most of the previous
> three weeks. just like everything else, the more i know, the more i know i
> don't know. no wonder it is said " ignorance is bliss."
> this mailing list is so depressing. it seems like at least one person, if
> not more report they loss a cat or yet another cat to felv in every digest i
> read. i have to wonder exactly how many cats die every day from this
> disease. in the united states, does any one know which claims more cats...
> felv or kill "shelters"? just curious. i know kill shelters are responsible
> for millions of less cats and kittens every year on this planet but does
> felv compare with that? (and the quote marks around that word are put there
> because i don't accept that term when used with state or county in reference
> to animal control.)
> again, i wanted to say my heart goes out to all of you who have had losses.
> i am going to try and stick it out on this mailing list at least for a while
> since there is a slight chance sport actually could be positive. but how
> could he be positive??  felv infected invisible cat ghosts walk through the
> entry door and contaminate my cats food, water and litterbox? oh well, i
> have had more than my share of unexplainable events happen in my life so
> the ghost cats wouldn't actually surprise me nor scare me, LOL!
> one more question. is there a certain font used with sending and receing
> these mailings? when i read them, there always are question marks place here
> and there in the messages. even found some in a message i had sent.
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