Shelters don't kill cats. The public does. I work for a county shelter and yes, 
we do euthanize. As few animals as possible, but we do euthanize. It isn't the 
shelters' fault. They get incredible numbers of animals dumped on them every 
day. Most of our cats are friendly cats picked up as strays. So, if someone 
lets his or her cat roam outside, and the cat gets picked up by animal control, 
and no one bothers to reclaim the cat ("she always comes back in a few days" or 
"we just figured he ran away") or no one adopts the animal and the animal gets 
PTS, who's the killer? It's the irresponsible, lazy "owner" who didn't want to 
clean the litterbox or spend 50 cents worth of gas to drive to AC to check if 
the cat is there. Not the shelter workers, who have a miserable job to do & 
have to do it because animal welfare is on the bottom of most counties' 
financial priorities.
Mandatory spay/neuter would help. Good luck with that out here in good ol' boy 
Most people at shelters work very, very hard to get animals adopted out and 
feel like absolute failures when they can't. "Rescues" come and pick the 
prettiest and the fanciest dogs and cats; for the most part, there's very 
little actual rescue going on there.
Just my 2 cents.

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