GOOD rescues don't pick and choose, and GOOD shelters don't kill.

however, there is an entire subculture of shelter-management style known as,
"pro-kill"--the places that don't want to be bothered dealing with the
public at all, those who'd rather sell to research for the quick $10/per
than have to interact with people and fill out paperwork. shelters who
refuse to work with rescues, which is absurd because for every critter we
take from a shelter, another spot opens up for one to live long enough to
find its forever home.

as for rescuers, there are those of us who specialize in special-needs cats
and dogs--and we take anything, from anywhere, if we can work it out. no one
even CALLS us for the adoptable cats; seems that if it has more than 2 legs
it's not special-needs to us, with blind or deaf not even on the radar.
there are more and more rescues that reach out to those of us doing
special-needs work, and it's kinda of hurtful to see our hard, hard work
lumped in with those groups who are only out to make money.

(every time you click on the animal-rescue site's feed-an-animal app, you're
supporting one of the places that takes adoptables from the southern states.
and every time you send money to the national SPCA or HSUS, you are NOT
helping animals, merely helping the administrators of these groups that do
NOT do direct care, justify their salaries and advertising budgets. find a
good local rescue or shelter -- and remember that there is NO national
oversight agency for humane societies or spcas, ANYONE can call themselves
by either name -- and help out there. time with the critters, money, running
errands--there is SO much that needs doing, and a place for everyone. just
pick the correct place to put your energy....)


Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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