I've just joined your list and have what might be an odd, maybe even really 
odd, question.  I looked through the archives a bit but couldn't find a similar 
thread, so I apologize if there has been and I missed it.

I work for a program that provides support (food pantry, vet vouchers, pet 
wellness clinics, education and in-home care) to folks living with HIV and AIDS 
to allow them to keep their pets at home with them when the financial and 
physical constraints of their illness might not otherwise allow them to.  A 
number of our people have FeLV and FIV+ cats and while I'm somewhat familiar 
with FIV, having a FIV+ cat myself, I know nothing about FeLV and I'd like to 
learn from the list how to help my members better care for their + cats.  

I received a call from a client who is concerned about her FeLV cat - Precious 
has been somewhat more lethargic than usual but, most disturbingly to my client 
is that she has started, out of the blue, to eat cat litter.  She wonders if 
this is something that FeLV cats do when there is a specific issue going on - 
is she looking for nutrients she isn't getting?  Is she trying to calm some GI, 
oral, other upset?

My first thought with positive cats is to bring them to the vet, but, in this 
case, my client does not have the resources personally and she has exhausted 
her benefits through our program.  I am working all the places I can think of 
to try to find her some financial support ultimately, but in the meantime, I 
wonder if nayone out there has seen this sort of behavior and what it might 

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.





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