Diane, eating litter is a classic sign of anemia.  Here is the link to a Yahoo 
Anemia group.

Anemia is common with FeLV+ kitties.  Your client could try adding some Super B 
Complex, B12 and folic acid to the kitty's food.  

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>  Hello
> I've just joined your list and have what might be an odd,
> maybe even really odd, question.  I looked through the
> archives a bit but couldn't find a similar thread, so I
> apologize if there has been and I missed it.
> I work for a program that provides support (food pantry,
> vet vouchers, pet wellness clinics, education and in-home
> care) to folks living with HIV and AIDS to allow them to
> keep their pets at home with them when the financial and
> physical constraints of their illness might not otherwise
> allow them to.  A number of our people have FeLV and
> FIV+ cats and while I'm somewhat familiar with FIV, having a
> FIV+ cat myself, I know nothing about FeLV and I'd like to
> learn from the list how to help my members better care for
> their + cats.  
> I received a call from a client who is concerned about her
> FeLV cat - Precious has been somewhat more lethargic than
> usual but, most disturbingly to my client is that she has
> started, out of the blue, to eat cat litter.  She
> wonders if this is something that FeLV cats do when there is
> a specific issue going on - is she looking for nutrients she
> isn't getting?  Is she trying to calm some GI, oral,
> other upset?
> My first thought with positive cats is to bring them to the
> vet, but, in this case, my client does not have the
> resources personally and she has exhausted her benefits
> through our program.  I am working all the places I can
> think of to try to find her some financial support
> ultimately, but in the meantime, I wonder if nayone out
> there has seen this sort of behavior and what it might
> mean?
> Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
> Best,
> d
> Diane
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