i don't think that FIV is a good model for HIV/AIDS--the manner of
transmission is different, the ways the virus manifests is different, the
course is different. i don't like using human-based terminology for cats
does either species any good. cats do NOT get ARC (AIDS-related complex) in
my opinion, because they are specifically unable to get AIDS in the first

almost all the researchers in the country have left behind the FIV=AIDS
hypothothese--yes, it was a great starting point, but the vast majority of
researchers have discarded that. the majority consider FIV an relatively
benign virus that often has little or no effects on a cat's health. most FIV
positive cats live normal lifespans and die WITH the virus, not from it.
higher incidence of herpes viruses, for sure; same as with stomatitis--but
other than that, every sanctuary setting has shown FIVs to be healthier than
other subgroups. i know, personally, of two multi-cat settings where FIVs
were unaffected by panleuk, while every other group in the setting were
seriously impacted.

joel's side, however, is with the other side, that considers FIV a very
serious fatal ilness. i'm not there with them. on his list are many folks
who agree with him, tho only a very few researchers do; that's why i'm NOT
on his list, cuz i wouldn't be able to get my mouth shut. i used to work
with a lot of them, but the differences just grew too great.

joel, however, is incredibly knowledgable, and is able to interpret things
way beyond my ability. he and i agree to disagree on FIV. in other words, i
don't agree with him on FIV, but i DO trust him implicitly on other things.

i don't think i agree with you completely on the stage-of-infection theory
re: FeLV, either, but right now i have to go deal with other sick kitties,
so will come back to that!


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