this is from joel, whom some of you will know from FIV stuff. while he and i
disagree VIOLENTLY (well, we're polite about it, but absolutely
diametrically opposed to one another's understanding of FIV), i greatly
respect his scientific knowledge, and his ability to follow a great variety
of streams of research. (he followed LCTI for years before imulan bought

i sent him the complete post you sent, jeni, with the details of what you'd
found, and here's his response. it seems that he talks about that one active
component, NAC, more on his personal FIV website. if anyone is interested,
i'll pull that url from another emeow.

he runs a yahoo group for FIV, as well, for those who follow the original
researchers belief and continued research that HIV/AIDS and FIV are
analogous, and that one can be treated the same as the other.


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I've been aware of Van Dyke (the patent writer) for a long time.  It's hard
to say much of anything.  If what he describes actually occurred, it's
impressive.  But as is so often the case, the study described was never
published on or peer-reviewed.  A woman I know said she supplemented her
FIV+ cat with Cat's Claw and Echinacea for several years and that it then
tested FIV-.  The marketers of Moducare published a study (their own) saying
that some of the cats they first tested it on back in the late 90s went + to
-.  And so on. What are you supposed to think?  It's true or it's not, but
the results are never independently vetted, so it's as much religion as
science to subscribe to them.

There's no reason to think antioxidants don't have a positive effect on
retroviral infections.  and, strange as it may seem, steroids do have some
potential usefulness.  A certain Dr. Albert Plechner claims to use steroids
as the primary (though not only) drug for "curing" FIV and FeLV.  There are
even a number of vets who advertise themselves as "Plechner vets."  I will
say that the basis for claiming NF-kB inhibition as the crucial action of
the steroid has questionable backing since, unlike HIV, a majority of
strains of FIV have no docking site for it and so (theoretically) it
shouldn't be able to enhance viral replication, though inhibition might well
favorably impact inflammatory symptoms.  I know of a guy who gave his dying
cat 1200mg of NAC daily, probably inspired by Van Dyke; the cat died
anyhow.  In fact, I'd like to meet the cats who ate all that stuff in their
food.  Mine have always been able to sniff out the least bit of anything.
(I gave Bud about 150mg of NAC in a capsule and even that would make him
vomit if I did not give the capsule in the middle of a feeding.
Bitter-tasting stuff.)  Dianne Hayes, whom you may or may not remember from
FIVCats, gave her Max injectable NAC at the behest of her alternative-type
vet; he kept right on deteriorating.)

Don't know what else to say.


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