Was watching GMA Weekend this AM.  During a segment on stuff made out of cat 
food cans Bill Weir said he hated cats.  Just had to respond to ABC News with 
the following post.

Just wanted you to know I will no longer watch GMA Weekends after Bill's 
comment today that he hates cats. I don't need to waste my time watching anyone 
who hates a living creature. I do not like rats, mosquitoes or cockroaches but 
would never say on national TV that I hated them.

I spend my free time involved in cat rescue and TNR of ferals/hard strays. I do 
not expect cat friendly stories but I sure did not expect to hear an anchor say 
he hated cats. You can be sure I will share Bill's comments with various 
on-line cat groups. 
Sharyl Cline
Spay the Shore 
Eastern Shore of VA


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