Lisa, I have a cat who was diagnosed w/stomatitis.  She had stopped eating a
few different times and would cry sometimes when she ate. The vet didn't
recommend a teeth cleaning because of her age.  I started giving her
Petzlife oral gel twice a day for at least a month -- just rubbed it on her
teeth.  Then I just gave it like once a day after that for about another
month.  That was 6 months ago, and she's had no problems whatsoever since.
It also helped another one of my cats who I found as a stray who had a
horrible mouth.  I think it is amazing stuff!  It might be worth a try for
your Tommy.

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 9:27 AM, Lisa Borden <> wrote:

> It's been challenging trying to figure out what was wrong with Tommy's
> mouth. A couple months back, I wrote to this group about Tommy, my FeLV+
> boy, batting at his mouth. At first we thought he might have a bad tooth,
> but all of his teeth look okay. Yesterday, he went to see his holistic vet
> again because he's been losing weight. He has lost about a pound since
> January and I was getting concerned. It seems that he has an ulcer on the
> roof of his mouth. How we all missed it (his holistic vet, the dental
> specialist, and I) is beyond me. But at least we know it's there now. Tommy
> seems like he WANTS to eat, but is afraid to because it will hurt him. He
> walks to the food bowl, smells it, and walks away. We are waiting on blood
> work results to rule out kidney issues, etc.
> Just was wondering if anyone has any experience with such an ulcer, and any
> suggestions for treating it and getting him to eat. He's only 1 1/2 years
> old, and was doing SO very well up until January.
> Thank you,
> Lisa
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