I had to put my Ellie down this morning.  She was only 4 years old and 
developed symptoms on Memorial Day and lasted only 4 days.  A tumor in her 
chest was leaking fluid and squeezing her lungs.  I couldn't watch her suffer 
any longer so I had her put down this morning.  She was a little love and 
purred and looked lovingly at me, even at the end.  What we could learn from 
these creatures could fill volumes.  They are so forgiving and don't ask 
questions.  They just live for the moment and, therefore, don't miss the moment 
like we time-crazed humans do.  I will remember her always.  She was a 
beautifully marked little girl with gray and black swirls on her body and white 
around her mouth and chin and a butterscotch nose.  I am feeling such guilt, 
though, that I didn't resort to any treatment whatsoever.  My vet never 
suggested it but I should have looked into it myself......



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