Fernanda, first thank you for rescuing Tommy.  He sounds adorable.  Others have 
commented about retesting Tommy after 60-90 days.  Another option is to use 
these 2 months to vaccinate your cat.  The FeLV vaccine consists of 2 shots 3-4 
weeks apart.

I mix my positive and negative cats but my negatives are current on their FeLV 

I have used the Mega C but it did not seem to help my positives.  Others have 
had better luck with it.

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> From: Fernanda Barreto <fbarret...@hotmail.com>
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Vet referral and FeLV treatment
> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
> Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 4:51 PM
> Hello all:
> This weekend I got lost driving in an industrial part of my
> town.  Suddenly in the middle of the street, I see a
> tiny kitten.  Luckily I was able to avoid hitting him,
> as was the car behind me.  I quickly got out of my car
> and approached the kitten.  Imagine my surprise when he
> willingly and eagerly came running right up to me.  I
> scooped him up and continued on my way.  
> I noticed when I tried to feed him that something wasn't
> quite right.  He kept falling over and seemed very
> uncoordinated, even for a kitten.  I took him to the
> emergency vet where I was told that he had some kind of
> neurological disorder that was presenting itself in his
> legs.  Basically he is just going to be clumsy. 
> The vet said it could be a static problem and not get any
> worse or it could be progressive, at which time we would
> have to discuss other options.  
> She also recommended the FeLV/FIV test.  Sadly, he
> came up a weak positive for FeLV.  The vet said this
> may be the cause of the neurological disorder or the two
> could be unrelated.  Also his pupils were not well
> dilated (the vet did not go on to explain what effect that
> has).  When the vet gave me the positive results, she
> asked if I wanted to put him to sleep.  In the mere 4
> hours we had spent together, this little 6 week old kitten
> had won my heart and I just couldn't put him to sleep. 
> Although he is clumsy (it's actually really cute and I
> believe he will soon learn to compensate for it), you really
> don't notice the neurological impairment unless you are
> looking for it; and he's happy and pain-free
> otherwise.   
> But of course there is a problem.  I have already have
> a FeLV negative cat at home and I don't want to risk
> exposing her.  I was able to take the little guy, who
> we named Tommy, to my boyfriend's, but my cat and I are
> moving in with him in 2 months, so this likely cannot be a
> permanent home.
> So this is why I have turned to this group.  I would
> like to take the time I have to try to get Tommy in the best
> health I can.  I did some research and found out about
> Mega C plus, interferon and LTCI.  I would like to
> speak to someone in depth about these options, but my vet
> just doesn't have experience in this area.  
> 1.  Does anyone know a good vet that will help treat
> the FeLV in the Los Angeles area - preferable
> Glendale/Pasadena/the San Fernando valley area.
> 2.  If I am in successful in getting him to the point
> where he tests negative, can he stay with my FeLV negative
> cat.  She's older and will likely want nothing to do
> with him so I am not too worried about them directly
> interacting.  But I am worried that they may share toys
> or bowls.
> 3.  Does anyone know of any rescue organizations that
> would take on a FeLV positive kitten?
> My boyfriend and I already love and adore Tommy, but we
> understand that we must do what is best for him.  It's
> just confusing trying to figure out what that is.  I
> would welcome and suggestions or advise.
> Thank you,
> Fernanda
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