Thanks so much Marci.  I had purchased some of the powder and was giving both 
my kittens a half-teaspoon a day.  (My vet wasn't too keen on it eitiher). They 
did fine on it, but after we started the LTCI protocol, I dropped the Mega C.  
Since we lost Taj this week to lymphoma, am seriously considering adding the 
Mega C to his sister's diet from now on.  And unless you're a vet with access 
to a professional lab and constantly draw blood from your baby
 and run blood panels, who knows how well any of this stuff is really helping?  
So frustrating!

Thank you very much for the information!  Best to you and Maddie,



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We bought the powder form of the Mega C Plus, we give her just a pinch in her 
canned food every couple of days. Before I started her on it my vet warned me 
to start out giving her just a tiny pinch, that sometimes too much can give 
them diarrhea or mess with their kidneys. I worked up to a pinch (half of a 
teaspoon) and she does fine with that. Hope this helps :)

~Marci & Maddie~ 

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