Just wondering what sort of experience people have had with leuk positive cats 
getting weak in the back legs.  My cat, Wolfie, is 8 and has been positive 
since we rescued him 6 years ago.  He's been pretty healthy other than the last 
year or so.  Last September he was diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia but 
has been fairly stable since then.  I recently took him to the vet as I noticed 
he was getting weak in his hind legs, walking differently and avoiding putting 
weight on them for long periods of time.  His HCT is down, WBC and RBC are a 
bit lower than usual.  Chemistry looks ok.  

I've had 9 cats die from this disease and only ever saw one with leg issues.  
She woke up one morning and had lost all use of her back legs, no warning.  
This is different from that situation and just wondering what could be going 
on.  We did an ultrasound today.  No sign of lymphoma or anything pressing on 
the spine.  No real loss of muscle mass on physical exam.  We are putting him 
on doxy/pred in case hemobart is causing the anemia.  The specialist at Cornell 
mentioned it could be something with the leukemia affecting the muscle or 
nerves directly but she couldn't find any literature on this.  I told her I'd 
post here and see if anybody has had a similar experience or has anything to 
add on what could be going on.



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