What the heck-we can't get well!!! His gums are looking nice and pink-his PCV 
the office is up to 27-28 from 2 weeks ago. His temp was 104.7 today when it 
been 101.6 the last 2 visits-7/23 and 7/29. That explains his dry, warm nose. 
They gave him a shot of PennG and I will repeat in 5 days at home and to keep 
him on all the meds like we have been the last 2 weeks. He's been on 
for 2 weeks. He is down only 2.5 oz but overall has gone from 11 lb 15 oz in 
November to 10 lb 2 oz today. He looks bright, but is sleeping a lot. I don't 
get it-what is causing the fever???
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