We had two cats test positive for FeLV at our shelter yesterday. Today we found 
out that the new snap tests (the ones that test for heartworm also) have been 
associated with a higher number of false positives. I'm wondering how many of 
you have had experience with this, since one of these cats is a five year old 
neutered 20-pounder who's never been around other cats and has never been 
outside, and so I was a little surprised at the positive result. We would like 
to retest them but can't find any tests of the older type. Desperation is 
setting in because if we can't find somewhere else for them to go, and we have 
only yesterday's results to rely on, both will go down on Tuesday. If any of 
you can give me more info, I'd really appreciate it; I can then relay that to 
my director and maybe buy them another week. Thanks!!
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