Is there more than one manufacturer of tests? If so is this a problem with all 

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i've been writing about this on the lists since may.

there has been a huge increase in positive test results for both FIV and
FeLV ever since the newer tests were introduced, all over the country. so
many positives, in fact, that those of us who do this rescue thing all day,
realized that it had to be a problem with the tests somehow.

it became clear that the problem was the new tests, because also all over
the country, cats retested with either the western blot or IFA were testing
negative: all of them, not just the majority as would be expected. i
actually only know of one cat who has tested positive on an IFA following a
positive on the new test.

as most of you know, i usually am adamant about NOT retesting too soon for
FeLV, as the SNAP and IFA both test for exposure, not infection, so tests
taken too close together will show the same result. however, with this
pattern so clearly presenting itself, those of us following this are
recommending IMMEDIATELY retesting any FeLV positive cats with the older,
FIV/FeLV only tests.

again, there's only been one report over a wide network of rescues and
rescue vets where a positive on the new test has been confirmed. of course
there will be others, because there ARE positive cats out there--but this
test isn't the one to trust re: finding them.

just heard about a vet today who has had false positives with the HW
component, as well.

is this confirmed? no--it's too new, and without a lot of talking amongst
ourselves we wouldn't have seen the pattern; most individual vets aren't
seeing it because they aren't the one being called daily to take all the
newly diagnosed positives!

try to get a hold of some of the old tests--i heard that last month, they
were on back order (so vets are starting to rethink using the new ones)
would be my completely biased suggestion.

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