Thank you so much - this is a great group, as always, and I really appreciate the replies.

This is my take, re your comment Natalie. With FIV, the "snap" test is for antibodies in the blood. Kittens of an FIV mom, when they are nursing, can take in the mothers FIV antibodies. It's different for FELV, the test is for Antigens, and apparently the transmission of the virus is not the same. Kittens of an FIV mom are very likely to get the antigens but not the virus, depending on when mom was infected. Our rescue has seen this happen many times - kittens of an FIV mom invariably go negative before they're a year old - yeaa!

With FELV, as I recall its different, I think (but not sure) that some of the kittens can actually get the virus from mom, but can throw it off as their immune systems develop. This is just on memory, so if somebody knows, please correct me. So I'm gather that perhaps the antigens hadn't cleared yet at the time of the snap, and Linda seemed to agree with that.

Anyhow, this is a 1.5 yr old cat, so the question is, with a light pos on Elisa snap test, and a negative on the followup IFA test, what does it mean?

MC responded and said it could also be a bad snap test. Or bad procedures for testing. Also asked at what interval were the tests done? So I'm going to check out exactly when the tests were done and what brand were the tests and who did them.

But what I'm also hearing, is if neg on the followup IFA, then kitty is neg regardless of the snap. Yes?

I've been asked to take this kitty, so am exploring my options. I know if he's FELV it's unlikely he'll get adopted so he'll be a permanent resident. I already have several FELV cats, and have no fear of the virus, even mixed with healthy cats, vaccinated or not, but just have to be prepared for adding another cat. My FELV's are healthy too, I haven't lost one in a while, and I'm amazed at that.

But I know, if he's not FELV, he'll get adopted in a month cause he's so gorgeous! So trying to make sense of the data to tell if he's actually FELV or not.

Again thanks I appreciate your help and support. This is a wonderful group, always has been, a great resource. I'll check more into the tests that were used on Bicford and let you know.


On Sep 1, 2010, at 7:18 PM, Natalie wrote:

Whenever this happened to me with kittens that were tested for FIV, I was told that they had most likely been born to FIV+ mothers and as their immune systems developed, they would shed the faint positives.....and they ALWAYS
did! I don't know if that's the case with FeLV.

I have two young adult cats that are FeLV+, but absolutely no symptoms and
healthy as a horse!


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I've been asked about a cat here in Arkansas - a Persian named
Bicford, that is about 1.5 yrs old, and tested "faint" positive on the
snap test (Elisa), but negative on the IFA.  I gather that means that
Bicford has been exposed, so has antigens, but doesn't have the virus
in his blood?  I'm confused.

Can someone help me with interpreting what that means?



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