Sorry to hear about Tiger.  I can relate to what you are feeling.  I lost a cat 
quickly about a year ago.  He showed no signs of illness for the longest time.  
By the time he was sick enough for me to notice, it was too late to save him.  
I'll never know why he crashed so hard or so quickly.  I think he had hemobart 
and was anemic and I had just switched to yearly blood work as opposed to every 
6 months so I missed it.  I beat myself up over losing him and wish I had seen 
the signs.  Sorry for the long story.  Just wanted to say that now that time 
has passed, I realize that I loved him and I did the best I could.  He wouldn't 
have expected anything more than that.  Tiger was so lucky to have you.  He was 
loved and cared for and that is what matters.  Sorry he left you too soon.  



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