It's a long story, but I'll shorten it...
My mom has a "heart cat" named Lucky.  She's disabled and no longer living at 
home.  Her sister was caring for Lucky, but herself is unwell and struggling.  
I went over to feed the cats during her hospitalization and Lucky did not look 
good.  I took him to the vet: bad fleas, possible infected eye and nose, and 
tested "weak positive" for feline leukemia.  This makes my plan of integrating 
him into my 3-cat household a real challenge.  The vet said I could get my 
three cats vaccinated "providing 80% protection"... Meanwhile, Lucky is 
sequestered in the spare bedroom, taking antibiotics (what a good cat!) and 
healing.  I'm trying to figure out how to make this work, longer term.
Thank you!
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