Bonnie--you've come to the right place & there are lots of people who will
respond with some very helpful information.  I'm owned by 1 FELV adult cat &
4 neg adult cats & they are mixed.  I'd sort of wonder about "weak
positive"--if you look in the archives, you'll see a recent thread about
whether in fact there is such a thing & what it might mean.  In any event,
at some point you'll need to get Lucky tested with IFA test (blood work sent
to lab) to actually determine with more certainty if he is FELV+.  I'm
assuming he was an indoor-outdoor cat cause you mentioned the fleas.  How
old is Lucky?  

Christiane Biagi 

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It's a long story, but I'll shorten it...
My mom has a "heart cat" named Lucky.  She's disabled and no longer living
at home.  Her sister was caring for Lucky, but herself is unwell and
struggling.  I went over to feed the cats during her hospitalization and
Lucky did not look good.  I took him to the vet: bad fleas, possible
infected eye and nose, and tested "weak positive" for feline leukemia.  This
makes my plan of integrating him into my 3-cat household a real challenge.
The vet said I could get my three cats vaccinated "providing 80%
protection"... Meanwhile, Lucky is sequestered in the spare bedroom, taking
antibiotics (what a good cat!) and healing.  I'm trying to figure out how to
make this work, longer term.
Thank you!
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