Personally, I would read the information on the board about the testing procedures and have him retested. Meanwhile I would vaccinate my cats and keep Lucky safe until he is retested. Depending on what you decide to do about mixing (again this board has lots of information--I mixed after one cat (FELV-) was diagnosed with terminal cancer), you go forward the best way you can. A spare room is not a bad thing. Just make all your decisions with love for Lucky.

Feed all of the cats the absolute best diet you can and keep them as stress free as possible. Lucky has gone through a lot and I cannot imagine the pain and stress of your mother's illness and their separation has caused both of them. I like to use Rescue Remedy in water and Feliway spray around the house. There are other things you can do to help. I suspect your mother talked to Lucky a lot. Maybe a radio or even a recording of her voice? If you do the recording, consider a loop tape (like they use for training parrots etc. Record once and it repeats for so long a time).

I brought my Daddy's cat to live with me after Mom decided she couldn't care for her after Daddy left this world. I slept on the floor for 3 months trying to get Kitty to come out. We finally reached an agreement....I was there to serve her. My holistic vet suggested the Feliway and it really helped. It sounds like Lucky is not as upset by the move but keep this in mind.

Consider consulting a holistic/alternative vet. I have regular vets that I adore and a holistic vet who has a vet degree and works wonderfully with my regular vets (they sent me to her initially). I have a couple of names and numbers in Louisville KY if you need them. They do phone consultations.

Then, most importantly for me, throw away the calendar and enjoy every minute you have with Lucky and the other cats.

Bless you for caring.

On Sep 15, 2010, at 11:37 PM, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

It's a long story, but I'll shorten it...
My mom has a "heart cat" named Lucky. She's disabled and no longer living at home. Her sister was caring for Lucky, but herself is unwell and struggling. I went over to feed the cats during her hospitalization and Lucky did not look good. I took him to the vet: bad fleas, possible infected eye and nose, and tested "weak positive" for feline leukemia. This makes my plan of integrating him into my 3-cat household a real challenge. The vet said I could get my three cats vaccinated "providing 80% protection"... Meanwhile, Lucky is sequestered in the spare bedroom, taking antibiotics (what a good cat!) and healing. I'm trying to figure out how to make this work, longer term.
Thank you!
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