There's a pretty active Persian Yahoo group that might be of help. 


Also, do you know if both the Snap Elissa test (in office) AND the IFA
(Blood test sent out) were done.  Make sure the IFA is done as you really
need to confirm the Snap test results.  


Christiane Biagi 


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I work with a nonprofit animal rescue based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Two weeks

we took in an owner-surrender cat who tested positive yesterday for FeLV.

had him retested this evening at another facility and that test also came

positive.  Unfortunately we do not have any fosters who can accommodate an 

FeLV-positive cat out of concern for our own and other foster animals.  I am

trying desperately to find alternate placement for Oscar locally, but am not

having a lot of success.  



Oscar is a purebred odd-eyed white Persian cat.  He is about three years old

is asymptomatic.  He was purchased from a breeder as a kitten and was kept
as an 

indoor-only cat in a household with no other cats.  Does anyone here know of

resources or organizations that may be able to take Oscar in?  We are
willing to 

transport Oscar (within reason).  He has been neutered and will be fully 

vaccinated prior to placement.  I would absolutely hate for this friendly, 

gorgeous cat to be euthanized simply because alternate placement cannot be 



Thank you, 


Rachel Richardson






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