Hi Sharyl,
I'm sorry for your loss. I can relate to the heartbreak. My first experience with felv was with tiny babies too. Happily one of the 6 kittens was neg, so I got to keep my special Timmy boy with me,
(he's over six yrs old and sitting on my lap as I type this).

The person who is fostering Sally has no idea what has become of her Momma or her littermates. I asked that question too. I'm hoping if Sally's test was a true pos and her subsequent test is neg, she might be safe from felv in a home with another pos kitten. I called a veterinary Internist I have used and asked the question. I'll let everyone know what they have to say when they get back to me.

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 13:41:31 -0700

Nina, I don't want to give you any false hope.  It is more likely that an adult
cat will throw off the virus than a kitten.  There is always a chance the test
result was an error.

Do you know what became of Sally's littermates.  My experience with kittens is
that all in the litter tested positive at 4 weeks of age and remained positive.
 The Momma cat was also positive.  It's great that you have a home lined up for
Sally if she remains positive.  My four positive babies were adorable and I
loved every day I had with them.

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