Hi Alice,

Thanks so much for sharing all this. I'm learning a lot following your posts 
am so happy that Murphy is having a comeback. If you don't mind answering some 
more questions, I would very much appreciate it.

Just this week I found out by pure accident that the awesome Avis is FeLV+. His 
counts show nonregenerative anemia: RBC 4.37, HCT 21%. I'd love to get these 
numbers up a little, or at least keep them from going down for as long as 
possible. Because right now, he is loving life: eats well, plays with Max the 
Dog, stalks all those critters on the other side of the window & purrs & purrs 

So, the questions:

1) How long have Murphy & Rosie been taking LTCI shots & how have they 
from them?

2) Ditto Interferon -- how long & what benefits. Also, do you use the feline 
Interferon (omega) version & if so, how do you get it? Because my understanding 
is that feline interferon is only available in Europe, maybe Canada, and that 
there are some risks to using human interferon.

3) Procit -- I was under the impression that Procrit/Epogen is used when the 
anemia is a result of chronic renal failure. Does Murphy have CRF?

4) Any experience/thoughts on ImmunoRegulin & Staph Protein A?

I am struggling with what treatments to try and when to start. Is sooner better 
or should I keep these treatments in reserve for when HCT goes under 20%? 

Thanks again, hearing your real world experience helps tremendously!

Kris B.

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jbero tds.net (Jenny)

Hi Jenny! OK-we live at the vet-LOL   With FeLV, the sooner you can nip 

in the bud, the better. Murphy was put on Cyproheptadine in April for 
sneezing-we thought allergies because he liked to hang out at the screen door 

watch the birds. I had been giving fewer LTCI shots-went to 8 

end of July he became anemic-still sneezing and now lethargic,  he had lost 
almost a pound in the 3 months. 
July 23-He has always tested negative for FHM (formerly known as 
Hemobartonella). We added the Doxy 2x a day (1/4 of a 100mg tab that I put in a 
gel cap with the 1/2 tab of 4 mg Cypro) on  July 23, along with Procrit 3x a 
week and the iron capsule 1x a day. Still on Interferon 1cc 2x a day (both he 
and Rosie). I think the Doxy as more of a preventative measure. He had lots of 
URIs his first year. Absolute Reticulocyte count was 35200. Autoplatelet 
744..Large platelets present, Slight Howell jolly bodies persent. No FHM seen. 
Went to every 2 wks with the LTCI.

Aug 6 he had a temp of 104.7 and was given a shot of .5 ml PennG which I 
repeated every 5 days at home. But his in-office PCV was up to 27 from 18 in 
July. CBCs- RBC 3.07 HGB 6.9 HCT 22.5  Autoplatelet 897  Platelets appear 
increased Large platelets present  Absolute Reticulocyte count 70610 Marked 
degree of regeneration.

Sept 18-Breathing too fast-103.5 temp ultrasound showed fluid in the chest 
cavity and she could not see his heart and lungs on the test-his breathing was 
raspy. Added Prednisolone 5mg 2x a day and Lasix 1/2 tab 2x a day (I put both 

one gelcap)  CBC showed RBC 6.48  HGB 11.6  HCT 38.7  (no reticulocyte done) 
Auto Platelet 621 Platelets appear increased. Decreased Procrit to 2x a week 
and Iron capsule to one every other night. Added Rutin when Dawn wrote about 
using it and it helped her cat-1 gel cap 2x a day. LTCI once a week.

Today Oct 1 "Marked Improvements!" ultrasound showed very scant fluid -lung 
sounds great. In office PCV 36 TP 6-continue the meds except decrease the 
Procrit (21 units in an insulin syringe) to once a week-mucous membranes nice 
and pink, temp 101.1, up to 11 lbs 1/2 oz (from 10 lbs Aug 6 but he was 12 lbs 

year ago) Come back in a month for CBC (Hahahaha-we didn't know if he was going 
to make it to this appt and now it's see ya in a month!!) Wooo Hooo!! He has a 
good appetite-loves the AD wet food from the vet, strained ham is his favorite 
baby food-he eats dry food really well also-blue buffalo with probiotics and a 
few other premium grain free holistic foods without fishmeal (some fishmeal is 
preserved with carcinogens). I do let him have some junk food-LOL cuz he loves 
the hairball control treats in the silver package, and he is a fluffy boy.

I hope you can make sense of the numbers. It's one heck of a roller coaster 
ride.  Alice
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