It's a rainy, melancholy Sunday where I am too. But what a lucky day it was two 
years ago when that litter of feral kittens ended up with you. And Murphy is 
exactly where he needs to be. I feel so bad about your little ones who have 
passed, but Murphy and Rosie obviously wake up each day happy and loved and 
and warm.

I do understand that there is no cure for this horrible disease. But LTCI and 
Interferon really might help give our little buddies a chance at as much 
time as possible. Hope is a good thing, and it sure is helping me right now.

As I add up everything I'm committing to, I also realize that it is going to 
expensive. Thank goodness I'm only caring for Avis, and not multiple special 
needs kitties like you and Sharyl and so many other angels on this forum.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and generosity in sharing 
experiences and stories about your wonderful companions. And the FeLV talk 
archives are a priceless resource for someone who's sole knowledge about FeLV 
was "umm, right, there's something called Feline Leukemia that cats can get and 
it's not so good when they do."

Will keep you posted about Avis,

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Kris-Avis n Murphy and some random thoughts

Kris-just looking back over the past 2 years with the 6 kitties, as a total 
amateur on FeLV, here are some of my random thoughts.  Interferon-Good-I am 

to be giving it-not a cure, but it may keep the virus somewhat at bay.  LTCI-it 
gave me alot of hope, and still does-but for cats like mine who are infected 
from a very young age or in utero, I feel it helps them develop a stronger 
immune system than they would normally have. They seemed to not get URIs after 
we began the LTCI.  My only experience is with the one litter of 5 feral 

and Murphy, a sweetie who ended up in the same colony-either a throw away, or 
lost. There are people here that have so much more knowledge and have helped 
lots of rescued kitties with FeLV-probably not giving all the stuff, but that's 
fine-It's very expensive and I don't think it's really a cure anyway. But they 
are giving the cats a chance to live and be cared for, maybe for the first time 
ever-they were probably going to be euthanized quickly at the shelters. They 

giving them a loving touch, maybe a sunny window to snooze in. I could not do 
rescue-Bless all those that do. I have tunnel vision when it comes to my 

I look at Murphy and know we are on borrowed time now-he's only 2 1/2 (I didn't 
count on my fingers the other day and typed 1 1/2-LOL) but as long as he is 
comfortable and happy go lucky, we continue the little battles. He waits in the 
kitchen for his meds morning and night-takes less than a minute for the 
Interferon and the 3 capsules. He eats like a horse most days. He is Rosie's 
only companion now since her 4 brothers passed. She will be running around the 
house in the middle of the night, wailing when he passes, looking for him like 
she did for her brothers. That makes me really sad, plus he is my little shadow 
when I'm not at work.  I guess it's a melancholy Sunday for this old lady-LOL
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