Hi Alice,

You might ask your vet about azithromycin.  I use it for URI/bartonella, often 
hard to tell the difference without testing.  My vets would use azithromycin in 
either case anyway, so I skip the testing and do the az.  You can get 
fish-flavored, oil-based, which lasts 90 days versus 10 days for water-based 
from Wedgewood pharmacy:


I treat for 20 days, usually see results within 3 days.   I just started a 
kitten I took in who had a bad URI, gummy eyes, nose, etc.  He had been on 
Clavamox for 5 days before he came to me, and was obviously not getting better. 
 Two days on az. plus some eye drops, and within 48 hours, he's doing MUCH 

The Wedgewood az. actually works out cheaper, and I can get it in a more 
concentrated form, so I don't have to give as much volume per dose...REALLY 
helps with my domesticated ferals :-)

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Another Murphy relapse...poor boy is all congested and sneezy with a URI, he 
began with light sneezing earlier this week, I gave him a PennG shot Friday 
night because he had sneezed so much that he was getting bloody droplets. Now 
he's really getting plugged up. I called the vet to see about reducing his 
prednisolone dose because steroids suppress the immune system. He's been on 
Lasix and Pred for 3 weeks since his diagnosis of Lymphoma. We are cutting him 
down to 1/2 from 5mg 2x a day to once a day. I have put some L-Lysine powder 
into gel caps because he will not eat it in his food nor eat the very expensive 
Lysine treats we tried in the past. Seems the Lysine is supposed to help keep 
the herpes virus (viruses in general) from replicating. This  flares up every 
time his immune system is low and he ends up with upper respiratory problems. I 
know he's not feeling well because I've waken up with him snuggled with me on 
the bed for the last 2 mornings. He normally doesn't get on the bed, he likes 
sleep by the open slider screen door. I am still optimistic because his 
breathing is still better, hopefully the fluid is still gone from his chest 
area, he was in for his check up a week ago and the vet was impressed with how 
clear his lungs sounded. Maybe he picked up a bug from the exam room-he was 
wandering on the floor, my fault for letting him move around. He's such a 
person, he likes all the people at the vet clinic and wants to see what they 
doing. I hope the Lysine helps soon. They said if he's still congested, we can 
try a mild Afrin nasal decongestant. He's not that bad yet, I don't think, just 
somewhat depressed. Not eating as much, but still eating the AD and all the 
gravy from the fancy feast plus some dry food. I know some may be tired of 
hearing about Murphy, but I think it may help to keep hope alive, he keeps 
bouncing back since the end of July when he became so anemic that by the first 
of August I had to syringe feed him for a few days. He is on Procrit now just 
once a week instead of 3x a week. Please, purrayers help!!  Alice
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