It all seems as though fate has hand, doesn't it?  Thank you for the response. 

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> I rescued a litter of 5, 1 tested positive and was quarantined, and
> died of FIP at 12 weeks old.  One of the "negatives" became sick soon
> after, was retested, and he was now positive.  He had no contact with
> his sick sister between tests.  I began to get his negative siblings
> vaccinated, but did not seperate them from their remaining positive
> sibling, as they had already been exposed anyway.  I did keep the
> whole group seperate from my original adult cat.  I didn't let them
> mix with her for many months, not until the vaccine had been boostered
> and and another FeLV test had been done.  The positive remained
> positive for the 3.5 years I had him, and the negatives have remained
> negative.
> Best wishes,
> Beth
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