Thank you for that Edna, I really do hope that my cat can live a long & healthy 
life like your cat, so many people are negative nellies about being that 
optimistic, but I'm glad to here it does! He sounds like he had the best of his 
days on the lake, we let ours go out by the pool and lay around... he loves 
chashing frogs lately! For the first time he seems to have that spunk back... 

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My first Feluk kitty (well, only one that was actually MY cat) lived to be 16 
years old and we never gave him anything special in the way of food and/or 
vitamins.  We fed him Purina dry and some canned food (this was 20 years ago so 
we didn't know a lot about Feluk at the time) and he was a happy, healthy kitty 
up until he passed away.  We found him when he was 10 and he tested positive.  
We kept him inside for the most part until we moved to the lake and because we 
were right on the water, we would let him go in the backyard while we were 

I am sure others here have MUCH more knowledge than I do and I bow to their 


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> Hello there,
> I am new to this group. My cat Bodie was diagnosed with FELV on Monday, he is 
>nine months old. I don't have much knowledge about this disease and hope that 
>maybe some of you can help to inform me. My first question is how long do cats 
>with Felv live? Some websites said a couple of years and some said they can 
>a full life. How long have your cats lived? To my knowledge there are no meds 
>out there, right?? As far as vitamins or food, would you have any suggestions. 
>know that it is important to keep his immune system up. Right now Bodies is 
>healthy and very energetic. He has an eye infection that is clearing up, other 
>than that you would have no idea that he is sick. I feel a very overwhelmed 
>scared. I would love to hear some tips and info for a newbie. Thank you all so 
> Kristin 
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