Hello there,
I am new to this group.  My cat Bodie was diagnosed with FELV on Monday, he is 
nine months old.  I don't have much knowledge about this disease and hope that 
maybe some of you can help to inform me.  My first question is how long do cats 
with Felv live?  Some websites said a couple of years and some said they can 
live a full life.  How long have your cats lived?  To my knowledge there are no 
meds out there, right?? As far as vitamins or food, would you have any 
suggestions.  I know that it is important to keep his immune system up.  Right 
now Bodies is healthy and very energetic.  He has an eye infection that is 
clearing up, other than that you would have no idea that he is sick.  I feel a 
very overwhelmed and scared.  I would love to hear some tips and info for a 
newbie.  Thank you all so much.
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