I really appreciate your story, and the care, love and attention you show your animal friends. It is something I can relate to. As for your questions: I always have one litter box per cat. They might share, cross use, etc. But I think it provides plenty of "bathroom" space in case anyone gets anxious about smelling the others. I also isolate a new cat in the house, usually for quite a while -- like 3 to 6 weeks. Depends on how everyone acts, but I find a slow, distant introduction helps. Also, you might go around the house and notice where your cat has scent marked (dark spots on the corners or doors, about 6 inches up from the floor). I clean those off frequently with vinegar/water blend and it seems to calm everyone down.
Best wishes on your cat raising!

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"So, I guess what I am saying is, cherish the time you have together, don't worry about what will happen tomorrow because they are in our lives for such a
short time but in our hearts forever."

- I couldn't agree with you more, I find it to really be a blessing that he is still with me! I had a cat prior to him that ironically looked just like Zoey, his name was Sampson, he didn't have FeLV but he was the first kitten that I took care of on my own, you know as far as cost... fixing/declawing, he was my man... even after my daughter, as sad/obsessive as it sounds i always made sure I made "mum" time for him as well. When my daughter and I moved into our first place as a family, he got outside & to this day we still do not know how, he was gone for almost three days when he came home with the fur/skin gone on one side of his face, limping, i think he had gotten hit by a car, or attacked and made
it home

-The vet told us to watch him and gave him some cream, when he started acting all goofy and not really being "there" we found out the infection had gone to his brain, and had to put him down... On top of all that, i had to listen to family remind me of the dollars we could have been spending on our child, alas Sampson was MY CHILD. To this day, I have a huge 8 x 10 RIP picture on our home wall, and I've never really gotten over it, is that sad? While i love Zoey, I will always hold in my heart Sampson... and i hope someday... when I'm gone... i
can meet the sole that rested in his body!

-Zoey, the little fur ball came into my life while out visiting with friends, and i like to think of him as a gift from Sampson to let me know that it was okay to let go, and put Zoey here to keep my spirits alive. We used to live in a TPark when we found Bella, she was skinny, the people two houses down left and didn't take there animals, likely story right... the mother cat/kittens were trapped underneath, and if i would have been more nosy, i might have saved more than just Bella, i have no idea how long they were truly under there, but as the mother cat laid there (RIP)... I had seen her in there house window... alas Bella was FeLV + and i had no idea! The vet didn't even think to test for it, they said she just needed some healthy food and what not, but when Zoey got cold sores in his mouth so bad that he was coughing and could no longer use the bathroom we rushed him there, they thought at first maybe AIDS as he was UTD with all his shots, we didn't save the kitten she was just to weak... alas when
i took Zoey back 6 months later, he still tested +

Good news thou! I had a rescue shelter call me today and tell me they had two female kittens come in today and is willing to work with me on price to adopt one, I'm so excited to maybe get zoey a friend! In a cat w more than one, should i have two litter boxes? I normally clean mine 3x per day, but i didn't know with two? are there any other tips... maybe how if one gets sick how to keep the other healthy? perhaps introduction? thanks guys for all the support! I really do think of Zoey as my angle, I've come to terms with him getting sick, I cried for a really long time, if i had not taken in that kitten he would have been healthy right now, but he is in a way, and he is here... I love him so much... people are sick that think of this as a reason to end a life, but i guess look how many people get pets and then don't want them even 6 months later because they are not babies, or the woman that gets pregnant and thinks she has to rid of all pets?! then after the baby is born they get more.... pisses me off...

- On an end note, I think that instead of testing on animals, they should pass a bill to test on death row inmates... if they sign the paper work knowing and
volunteering why not?

Joslin & Zoey!


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