I am so sorry for your loss of Murphy. You did so much for him. I was 
heartbroken to read your message and hear that his time had passed. You truly 
moved me. I am so glad you gave Murphy a loving home and then were able to let 
him go when the time was right. You and your family are in my thoughts and 

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> Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010, 1:09 AM
> You asked if he passed at home. No, I
> got home from work and checked on him, he 
> was laying stretched out on the bedroom floor. Glenn had
> syringe fed and watered 
> him through the day. He was breathing harder than normal,
> he had been breathing 
> fast, trying to get oxygen. I kept thinking any day he'll
> begin to improve like 
> he did in July and August when he first crashed with
> anemia. I gave him some 
> pedialyte and carried him to the bathroom to see if he
> needed to use the litter 
> box. For the first time, he did not stand up and his sides
> were heaving-he laid 
> out on the linoleum and even laid his head on the floor,
> which he has never done 
> when anyone was near. He was always alert and watching his
> people and 
> interacting. His eyes were clear, but he was exhausted.
> After a lot of tears and 
> wavering back and forth, we ended up taking him to the
> emergency vet clinic. It 
> was very hard, but I did not think he was going to last
> very much longer, maybe 
> another day and thought it would be cruel to let him go
> through the night unable 
> to get enough oxygen-the anemia robbed him of all the rbcs
> needed to circulate 
> oxygen. He was the bravest and most willing little
> guy-always came in for his 
> meds when he thought it was time, never fussed. He was
> truly our little prince 
> and our lives have a huge emptiness right now. Rosie is
> having a time trying to 
> figure out where he is, but I think she will be ok in a
> while. We took him to 
> the crematorium and have picked his little picture urn and
> his name plaque.
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