The tonic works not only on cancer - it's great for overall health! The
black salve would still be a good thing to try, it won't attack any other
cells!  But I'm not sure about the one you mention, there are so many copies
out there....and expensive, too! 
For tough skin, try a much thinner needle...I have all sizes at home
depending on cats' skin toughness.  It may take a little longer, but goes in
easier than a thick one.  Natalie

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Hi Natalie:

Thank you for the suggestion. My vet actually told me about the black salve
(neoplasene from buck mountain I believe) but his cytology report came back
sort of inconclusive and "consistent with feline eosinophilic granuloma
complex").  So I'm not sure if those remedies/treatments would help him if
they aren't cancerous.  I told my vet I had been willing to try the
neoplasene if it was cancer.   So I will have to see what the dermatologist
says.  In the meantime, I'll keep trying him with the salmon oil, transfer
factor tri factor plus, interferon, lysine, coq10 etc. that he's on. He is
due for an LTCI injection on Saturday also.  I am starting to give him
fluids once a week also. His skin is so tough though - very hard to get
Thanks to you and everyone for your help. We are so happy to have a forum
like this. 
Stacy and Spanky

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This herbal concoction (Chaparral, Neem, Andrographis,Graviola powders
brewed like tea and frozen down into a more concentrated tincture) is
perfectly good for cats - I used it for a cat with cancer and it is being
used on rabbits, dogs, horses so far and originally actually meant for
people (still is). There's also a black salve that is used on external
cancerous tumors, attacks ONLY cancer cells - doesn't touch normal cells.
Being used right now on a cat that had squamous cell cancer on the cheek and
jawbone. Unfortunately, it was too late for the cat I used it on because the
adopters didn't get him to me in time - they thought he was getting fat
(although he was skin and bones, with a huge stomach, which was cancer).
However, his remaining time was great quality of life!
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Just please anyone that uses herbs make sure they are truly cat safe and
don't interact with any other medicines the animal may be on already. I have
seen some people recommend herbs for pets that are actually toxic. I'm not
saying you do this Natalie, just speaking in general. 


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> Stacey and Spanky,
> Would you be open to try a tonic made from herbs that doesn't taste great,
> but can be disguised. It is used for curing cancer, but may just help with
> this and as a fringe benefit, even help other symptoms of FeLV - it hasn't
> been tried for that yet. Natalie

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