I'm sorry to hear about your cat! You have done all you can. I'm struggling
with trying to get a cat to eat right now myself. I'm force feeding her with
AD now. A couple of syringes at a time.

The Felv virus can only survive a couple of hours, but there are other
bacterias of secondary infections Felv cats can suffer from that can still
be around in the house and on the things your cat used.
My vet told me to disinfect everything you can wash and wipe down (like
bowls, litter boxes and blankets) with a bleach and water dilutions. All the
things I couldn't wash or wipe down (like the cat tree) I sprayed with
Lysol, several times.
But just to make sure I would wait several weeks before you give it someone

2010/11/7 Laura Svoboda <lazygra...@yahoo.com>

> Hello,
> I tried sending a post several days ago, but my membership had not gone
> through
> yet so my post was rejected.  I was asking for suggestions on how to get my
> cat, Chloe, to eat.  Very sadly, she passed away early yesterday morning.
>  I
> wish I had found this group earlier, but from the time she started feeling
> droopy to the time she passed away was just three weeks - way too fast.
>  Anyway,
> can anyone tell me what I need to do, if anything, to her cat tree, cat
> tunnel,
> litter box, toys, etc. before I pass them on to another home?  I have read
> that
> the virus does not live long outside of the body, but have also read that a
> person should wait 30 days before introducing another cat in the home -
> leaving
> me to believe that perhaps her things may still have enough of the virus on
> them
> to get other cats sick.  That is the last thing I'd want.  Does anyone have
> any
> suggestions?
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