I am so sorry about Chloe, Laura. I lost Celery 2 weeks ago. He went from 
healthy to dead in a week. I had made an appointment to have him euthanized on 
a Wednesday morning. Our appointment was at 3 PM. He went downhill in just 
those few hours. I put him in the car, got him to the vet's ten minutes away, 
filled out the paperwork, reached my hand down to pet him and he was already 

In my case, I keep my FeLV cats in my heated garage away from my healthy cats. 
I have always wondered about the possibility of tracking the virus in on my 
feet or on the dogs' paws. 

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I tried sending a post several days ago, but my membership had not gone through 
yet so my post was rejected.  I was asking for suggestions on how to get my FLV 
cat, Chloe, to eat.  Very sadly, she passed away early yesterday morning.  I 
wish I had found this group earlier, but from the time she started feeling 
droopy to the time she passed away was just three weeks - way too fast.  
can anyone tell me what I need to do, if anything, to her cat tree, cat tunnel, 
litter box, toys, etc. before I pass them on to another home?  I have read that 
the virus does not live long outside of the body, but have also read that a 
person should wait 30 days before introducing another cat in the home - leaving 
me to believe that perhaps her things may still have enough of the virus on 
to get other cats sick.  That is the last thing I'd want.  Does anyone have any 

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