Dear Sherry,

I will pray for angels of peace and comfort for you in your sorrow over 
passing.  I click on, with dread mostly, each of these messages with "add to 
CLS," not knowing whether or not I'm going to end up crying.  Heck, I can't 
figure out what CLS means! :|  I've been drawing a blank now for about six 
months, and am so tired of trying I figured I'd just own up to it and hope 
someone will enlighten me. ;)   Your email hit me especially hard because I can 
picture everything you described about you and your boy.  Your'e right.  They 
know when they are special in particular to you.  And my heart sores knowing 
that Caeser had you to make him feel that way.  The extra special and sweet 
posts, such as yours, are so heart warming even with the weight of the sorrow 
and the tears.  It's the love in your/our heart(s) that shores itself up 
that heavy load.

We care about you, and I will pray for you, and hope that this weight will be 
lifted in the days to come, and eased by your precious memories of Caeser.  God 
bless you.

Mike <3
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