Stacy I have been there with my beloved cat, Voodoo, who was 
a gorgeous, sweet, all black boy.  

For about 9 months he did well on Lasix daily, and then his chest
filled with fluid, and he was not eating and also hiding. The vet
said drawing out the fluid under anesthesia might kill him, and he
was in such distress from not being able to breathe that I had him
PTS.  I still miss this wonderful boy..... He was only 3 years old.


On 11-23, Stacy Zacher wrote: Hi: I am crossposting this message
> also.  I urgently need advice on my kitty, Spanky (FELV+, early
> Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).?  I noticed over the weekend and week
> he started feeling worse and that his respiration rate ?seemed to
> be higher than normal (he is usually about 18 breaths a minute and
> now it is 32 or? - still not alarming but getting there).
> I took him to the vet and the vet said it did sound like he was
> having difficulty breathing and his heart sounded very fast. He
> took a chest xray and Spanky came back open mouth breathing which
> he never does (from stress).? The vet said it was not good news,
> that his chest cavity is filled with fluid -not in the lungs but
> outside the lungs. He barely looked like he had any breathing space
> in the xrays.? It was awful.? He said they could do a chest tap but
> they would have to put him under anesthesia for that.
> Spanky is still grooming, eating a little and drinking and walks around a 
> little.? I'm not sure how long he has left.? From the xrays the vet said it 
> didn't look like more than a few days but looking at him, he doesn't seem 
> that near the end to me. However, I know how well they hide illness.? 
> I'm looking for any advice or any information at all. I'm not sure what to 
> do, if a chest tap could buy him another month or? if it only be days. I 
> don't want him to suffer him and not be able to breathe (I have asthma and 
> know that feeling so I can't imagine not doing anything - 
> chest tap or other). THe vet wasn't sure if the fluid could be caused by 
> having lymphoma or just his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and recommended that 
> if I do go for the chest tap, to do it at the ER vet/cardiologist who is 
> probably better equipped to handle an emergency.? I guess I knew this was 
> coming and we are out of miracles now but I am having such a difficult time 
> thinking his time is up after all we've been through together.? 
> Is there anything at all that can reduce fluid besides a chest tap? 
> Spanky has always been a very brave fighter and he is still so brave and 
> fighting but I know he's getting tired. I just can't imagine my life without 
> him.? I stopped giving him all his meds now - he was on so much and he 
> actually seemed to perk up once I stopped (coq10, lysine, transfer factor tri 
> factor plus,interferon, cyproheptadine, pet-tinic I was still giving). 
> I just feel so lost and helpless....I'm going to take vacation tomorrow to 
> spend time with him.
> Thanks so much for all your help, I will keep everyone posted as to his 
> progress.
> Stacy and Spanky

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