Hi Sharyl:
Thanks to  you and everyone on this list for your replies and purrayers. . 
I'm so sorry about your sweet Albert but glad you had the 1.5 years with him.  

It's been quite a week for us - Spanky went to his vet, then the internal med 
specialist/oncologist and was diagnosed with a mediastinal tumor in his chest, 
thus the fluids. My vets too said a few days only if I didn't do something. So 
I put him on prednisolone for now and may do a stronger round of something to 
try to kill the tumor. But I know it is dicey with his FELV + status/symptoms.  
 I can't even think straight.......but have to try to keep helping him.  He 
made it through Thanksgiving and we are taking it one day (one hour!) at a 
Stacy and Spanky

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I'm so sorry to read Spanky now has this problem.  There is a Yahoo heart group 
that may help.

your vet give Spanky any Lasix?  It does help reduce the fluid.  My
sweet Albert went into CHF and was dx with severe HCM. When he went
into CHF the vet gave him days/wks to live.   He was lasix for 1 1/2
yrs before his little heart gave out.  

It is something to try.

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> Hi:
> I am crossposting this message also. 
> I urgently need advice on my kitty, Spanky (FELV+, early
> Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).? 
> I noticed over the weekend and week he started feeling
> worse and that his respiration rate
> ?seemed to be higher than normal (he is usually about 18

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