I am sorry to hear your outcome.  Since I am currently going through the same 
thing I can understand all of your concerns.  It looks like his WBC count is 
OK, my vet would definitely do a treatment with it that high!  You have the 
added benefit of having an oncologist at your disposal.  If she recommends a 
chemo protocol, I would definitely give it a try.  As someone else said, you 
really don't have anything to lose.  Through all of my research, I have found 
that because the chemo is such a low dose, it causes very few immediate side 
affects.  At best, you will shrink the tumor and prolong his life, making him 
more comfortable in the process.  At worst, it won't work and he will continue 
as is causing you to possibly have to make a decision about letting him go.  As 
someone who has had a positive experience, I highly encourage the chemo.

Only you and Spanky can decide what is best for him.  I've heard many people 
say that he will let you know when he is ready to move on.  As for myself and 
my Fuji cat, I believe I may be learning as well.  She was due to go in today 
to have her blood tested, which the vet does by starting an IV (she doesn't 
much care for it.)  If her WBC count is high enough she would get another 
treatment.  Historically, over the last 2 months that count has been very low.  
Right now she is eating, playing, purring and last night even slept with my 
husband and I (she only does that when she feels good!)  I have decided to wait 
until next week to take her in.  It will give her a longer recovery period, 
increasing her chances of having another treatment.  Otherwise, she would go 
through the test for nothing and have to return in 10 days for another test.  
In the past, I've rushed to get her in hoping for the best and being 
disappointed when she couldn't be treated.  I think she will be happier this 

I wish you the best of luck. 

Melinda, Fuji and baby VooDoo

On Dec 3, 2010, at 1:31 AM, Stacy Zacher wrote:

> Hi everyone: 
> (cross posting on the lists we belong to).
> Just a follow-up to the biopsy and post yesterday.  I want to thank everyone 
> for all the help and support during this time.  It means more than you know.  
>  The vet called last night and the pathologist's analysis confirmed what she 
> initially thought -
> Spanky has large cell lymphoma or she called it lymphoblastic.  She thought 
> his blood results weren't bad for his status.  She talked to the oncologist 
> about his case also and the onc. wants to see him tomorrow morning to discuss 
> chemo options since I want to try to treat this/ buy him some more time.  
> I know the aggressive chemo protocol is more the IV chemo plus pill but I'm 
> wary of doing that to his body right now. I would really appreciate thoughts 
> on types of chemo for this type of lymphoma - large cell lymphoma for his 
> mediastinal cranial mass (maybe about 2cm now instead of 2.5cm when we 
> started prednisolone).  He's not eating as well as he should either and 
> steadily losing weight even though he seems to eat overnight well and I 
> syringe food him too.  We didn't test the cells to see if they T or B cells.
> The vet said it varies but they normally follow the UW Madison protocol for 
> treating this type - Cyclophosphamide, prednisolone and the vincristine.  I 
> want him to have quality of life over suffering bad side effects. I know 
> someone wrote that the lymphoma makes them sicker than chemo so I'm keeping 
> that in mind as well.   We discussed vincristine iv or pill form or doing 
> IV+pill.  I'm just worried about aggressive treatment since he's losing 
> weight, weaker, FELV+, early HCM, and is not young strong kitty.  He's aged 
> about 10 years in 1 year it seems! 
> So much to consider and so confusing! Please send us healing thoughts any any 
> advice you can before our appt tomorrow
> morning. 
> I found an interesting chart on the various protocols from a vet site but am 
> not sure if I can post the link?
> Purrs,
> Stacy and Spanky
> Re: Spanky - blood test/ultrasound - patiently waiting for biopsy re
> Posted by: "stacy_zacher"   stacy_zacher
> Wed Dec 1, 2010 3:17 pm (PST)
> (cross posting on the lists we belong to).
> Thanks to everyone for all the purrayers and sending healing thoughts for 
> Spanky. I'm still waiting for the vet to get his biopsy results back and call 
> me. She said it could be today or tomorrow. We got there at 9:30am yesterday, 
> they did a blood panel, quick ultrasound to see if the mass was still there. 
> It was :-(.
> Regarding his blood test results - everything except his WBC and related 
> counts were normal last time (about a month ago). This time his liver values 
> are elevated slightly AST is 55 (range 14-54), ALT is 147 (range 26-128)(from 
> pred?), wbc is up from 2400 to 6(from pred?), 
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